Zelio Soft 2

Zelio Soft 2

Control Zelio relays from the PC
Configure Zelio Logic smart relays using code written in FBD or LADDER. The tool automatically compiles programs and detects coherence errors.

Zelio Soft 2 is a comprehensive multilingual application designed to help us program the Zelio Logic smart relays. There are eight module categories, each displaying a picture and a full description of the characteristics such as power supply, discreet input/output, clock, language, screen keyboard, and reference, which makes them very easy to identify. This program offers a simple way to configure the modules that are written in Ladder Diagram, Function Block Diagram, or both.

When programming, we can set a wide range of parameters dealing with counters, winter/summer functions, timers, auxiliary relays, fast counters. We can also set the date format, time zone, and so on. In case of an error alarm, we can define the type of message that will be displayed, when to send a message and who will receive it via telephone or e-mail. We can also enter one or more users that can send control commands. Both the user interface and the simulation languages can be switched into English, Spanish, German, Italian, or French. This program can be downloaded and used free of charge. It is also possible to get this programming solution on a CD from distributors for a small price. Zelio Soft can run under all versions of Windows, except Windows 7.

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  • Smart and free multilingual program
  • Easy identification of smart relays


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